Bend Over Mr Muscle

Some girls when they feel down they eat, some shop, some drink and some go out all dressed up. Well I have done all those things but none have ever made me feel as good as I do when I’m dominating. So when I feel down I call a sub round to cheer me up.

The other night I was pretty gutted as I messed up with a couple I was suppose to play with and they cancelled on me. I had been looking forward to it all week. So in my haste to get over my disappointment I sent a message to Mr Muscle. It was basic “We should play, Miss needs and wants some attention”. I received a reply almost instantly saying he would be there as soon as possible. Luckily I was at a friends house watching a movie so I had time to kill. He message me pretty late saying he would be with me in 5 minutes.

I opened the door in my white lingerie set with matching stockings and a pair of red stilettos… I sent him straight upstairs. He took his position in front of the mirror. I came up told him to bend over and placed a vibrating butt plug in his ass. I left him in that position until there was pre cum dripping out. I pulled the plug out and entered his ass with my strap on while he watched me in the mirror…

At that moment I completely forgot what I was upset about. Pegging a guy for me, is what heroin is to a drug addict. I just need more and more.

Mr Muscle left completely satisfied and I felt on top of the world…

If you don’t want to play with me… I will play with my sub instead. I love how my new found passion is falling perfectly into place.

Mistress Victoire x

1 thought on “Bend Over Mr Muscle

  1. Hi Vic:
    I enjoy using my strap-on my husband very much to. I dont think you could be very much of a Dom if you did not enjoy fucking your sub.
    Anyway, after of during you fucking him, did he orgasm or was he fully milked when you were thru with him, or neither? Do you orgasm?
    Just wondering


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