A couple, plus one and don’t forget me…

I have moved into a new job role so my days are longer and my free time is sparse. Getting time to Domme or play with anyone is rare and getting time to catch up on my blog and reading others is even harder.

I recently met a guy from Fabswingers and we have become regular fuck buddies. He is 31, great body, lovely juicy thick cock and a very cheeky smile. We get on incredibly well and have a great laugh while fucking each other. I shall call him Mr thick cock (TH) because of the obvious reason.

We received a message from a bi-sexual couple who wanted to play with us both… so we arranged to have a social meet. I went and met them and they were both lovely people. The girl was incredibly beautiful and petite and her boyfriend was very charming.

The social meet went well and we arranged to meet on the following Monday evening. Monday couldn’t come round quick enough.

Mr TC came and picked me up, I was wearing a turquoise blue and grey lingerie set (stockings included), turquoise heels and my Burberry rain coat. Carrying a bag of goodies.

We arrived at Scarlett and Winston’s home and we politely handed them a bottle of wine. We were greeted with gin and tonic and some casual chat. The atmosphere was amazing and we were all starting to get a little sexually frustrated. My coat soon came off and Winston got completely naked. It was time to get down to business.

I started by kissing Scarlett while she was playing with my clit. Mr TC was firmly between her legs and my hand was wrapped around Winston’s nice cock. We were switching round within minutes and fully enjoying each other. I had Winston fucking me while I was licking Scarlett and she was sucking Mr TC. Before I knew it Scarlett had put her strap-on, on and was fucking me hard. I tried to play with Mr TC’s ass but it was too tight. I was a little disappointed.

We played with each other for a good few hours until we were all hot and bothered and decided to share a steamy shower.

After a short period, myself and Mr TC got dressed and decided to make our way home. It wasn’t the end for us because as soon as we got in the car he had his hands in my knickers and I put my feet on the dashboard. I told him to pull over and fuck me. He continued driving so I pulled his cock out his trousers and started sucking nice and hard until he couldn’t take it anymore. He finally pulled over down a small dirt track just of the main road.

I got out walked round to the back of the car and pulled my knickers down, put my hands on the boot and told him to fuck me. I was completely in the moment I couldn’t have told you if any cars went past or not.

We finished and got back to mine. I told him to get upstairs and get undressed. I was hungry for more we continued fucking until he cum nice and hard. We both fell asleep but not for long until our alarms went off. He looked over at me and put my hand on his hard cock. It would have been rude not to embrace some morning sex.

We both got a shower laughing about last night. He got dressed and said goodbye. I got ready for the gym with a huge smile on my face.

Every single squat I did at the gym I could feel that I had been fucked all night.

Looking forward to my next sex adventure.

Mistress Victoire x

1 thought on “A couple, plus one and don’t forget me…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Glad it went so well. This isn’t always the case when inviting new people into your circle.

    Liked by 1 person

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