It’s Just A Little Crush

Is it possible to have a crush on a couple?

A few months ago when i was traveling round Costa Rica (just bragging a little) i downloaded a series to watch called “You, Me, Her”.  Its basically about a couple that end up having a relationship together with another woman.  It is pretty out there for a series but i enjoyed it.  I thought this is not a thing or is it?

I take part in classes at my local gym and there is a couple who come along.  They are both really nice people and recently i’ve started to form a little crush on them.  I fancy them equally.  I don’t think i’d fancy them separately if that makes any sense.  She is a curvy girl and quite alternative and he is build like a rugby player.

I met her first ages ago when i had a personal training session and she was having a session with the other PT at the gym.  I instantly assumed she was a lesbian in the way she looked and came across, so when she turned up with him at one of the classes i was a little confused.  I asked my PT who explained she was Bisexual.  I genuinely thought nothing of it until recently.

I find myself flirting with them both but they both flirt back… I mean, i wouldn’t straight up ask if they fancied a threesome as that would definitely be a little wield but HAY if they were to ask me i would not say NO.

Where do i go from here… It’s just a little crush.

Mistress Victoire x

2 thoughts on “It’s Just A Little Crush

  1. Keep flirting—you never know what might happen.

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  2. It’s totally possible! And as part of a couple who enjoys sharing, you really never know what could happen!

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