Mr Muscle

My new sub… He will be known as Mr Muscle (MM). Wow what a beautiful and incredible physique. He’s 28 years old, tanned, short but built like a brick shithouse. Has a beautiful smile, piercing eyes and cute little laugh.

He arrived at mine quite late and just as he walked though the door my nan called me. I’ve been trying to get hold of her for a few days so felt I needed to call her back. I apologised to him and told him to sit on the sofa while I made this call. This gave him a moment to compose himself.

After, I asked him what he wanted and what he was expecting. To be honest I hadn’t overly planned the night as I decided to completely go with the flow and work around his reactions. He hasn’t been completely dominated before and I was excited to be his first. MM said he was pretty open to try anything but wanted to be pegged. I explained that for his first time with me, I didn’t want to go too big too soon. I started slow to see how much he could take. Oh MM did good. He took some large toys which has got me excited for our next encounter.

I tried a mix of things just so he could get the feel for it but it also allowed me to gauge his pain threshold and what got him going. Anal got him going, anything in and around his asshole made him rock hard.

He seemed pretty happy once we finished and he left with a smile on his face. I’m not great with human contact if it’s outside sex, so I gave him a small kiss on the cheek to show him that even though he deserved the canning for not doing as instructed I had forgiven him for his disobedience.

MM messaged me to thank me and hopes to see me again very soon. Oh MM I look forward to it.

Mistress Victoire x

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