TMI Tuesday – 24th April 2018

I had a busy week last week and didn’t manage to sit and write my TMI Tuesday i’m using my lunch break this week to get it done as i really enjoyed doing them.

Tell us . . .
1.  The problem with you in 5 words.

Over-thinker, Emotional, Abrupt, Obsessive and Demanding. 
2.  5 things you want in life.

Success, Children, Happiness, Health and Travel.
3.  5 things you need to quit.

Smoking, Self-judgement, Arrogant men, Comparisons and JUNK FOOD.
4.  5 things you require in a lover.

Determination, Courage, Honesty, Empathy and Spice. 

5.  5 things you are tired of.

Being compared 

Lack of understanding of mental  health issues




Bonus:  What 5 things will you never share on social media?

Details of my sex life with my partner

Any personal details i.e Banking info, address, national insurance Etc…

Personal information on family and friends

My political views

Videos of me having any form of sex/play/session 


1 thought on “TMI Tuesday – 24th April 2018

  1. TMI Tuesday blog April 24, 2018 — 11:01 pm

    Thanks for playing. So glad you enjoy playing TMI Tuesday.

    2. I hope you get all that you want.

    I hope your job becomes something likable for your and interesting or I wish for you a new job.

    Happy TMI Tuesday!

    Liked by 1 person

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