My Chocolate Cake

I realised it’s only been a year since I decided to fully embrace my Femdom side… but WOW it feels like a lot longer. Alas I have decided to take a short break. I feel like I’m struggling to find the excitement and enthusiasm I did a few months ago.

I have let one of my regular subs go and I haven’t put much effort into my other one.

I know that one of the main reasons for this huge turn is due to Dr Sextus. He is my forbidden fruit, my guilty pleasure and my vice.

I look at it like this… mum brings in a Victoria Sponge cake and an amazing Deluxe Chocolate cake. I’m allowed the Victoria Sponge but the Chocolate cake is for the guests for the special people. I now want and crave for that cake. Mum finally lets my try a small bit but that’s all. Now I know how good it is, I want more. Well Dr Sextus is my chocolate cake and right now nothing is living up to the same standard.

If I take a break maybe I’ll crave it all again.

I won’t go full cold turkeys… I will still attend munches and events. I’ll still have angry, meaningless sex with Mr Deep Throat. I need to find that new submissive guy that pushes the my buttons again.

I’ll keep you in the loop.

Mistress Victoire x

2 thoughts on “My Chocolate Cake

  1. Well, if you will limit yourself to chocolate cake, you’re missing out on all the red velvet cake that’s out there. I prescribe watching reruns of bake off 🙂

    so are you settled with these 2, or are you settling for these 2 because finding new playmates is too much trouble, or others are not good enough? If the former, fair enough. If the latter… well, not good.

    If those 2 are less submissive, then maybe that’s the problem and you need a sub who is more interested in having to be pushed and forced (as in consensual nonconsent type stuff) where you have to work at making them submit to you. Passive subs, IMHO, tend to be boring and don’t bring enough to engage the mind.

    anyway, good luck!

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    1. Ha ha I do like red velvet and cheese cake ummm… anyway
      I can’t seem to find a playmate that will keep me as engaged as a previous. I know each sub is different and I completely understand that but I haven’t had that rush from anyone in a long time. I fear I’m currently searching for something that I can’t or won’t find. I’m thinking a break will bring the passion back… like distance makes that heart grow fonder but in a BDSM way 😬.

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