We All Love A Nickname

Good morning bloggers

This morning on my drive to work (Yes i’m writing this post in work) I was thinking about my next post and i have a fantastic story which happened recently but i need to delay it while i post about my morning coffee stop.

This morning i popped into Costa Coffee on my way to work, i probably only do this once a week.  As it’s still not Friday i thought i’d treat myself to a white hot chocolate FYI best hot chocolate I’ve had since i gave up coffee for lent.

So while i was waiting for my coffee the Barista boys were having a chat.  I was the only customer at the time.  The guy who was serving me, exclaimed that he had served so many people already.  His fellow Barista laughed and apologised for running late into work.  My guy then said “Never guess who started the queue this morning?” to which the late guy replied “Ummm John”.  “NO, he was running late like you this morning” my guy said. Late guy pondered on the response “Was it Mr Extra Hot Espresso”, My guy laughed “He was behind him, No it was Mr Continental”.  They both started laughing and i got handed my beautiful hot chocolate.

As i walked out the door i actually laughed out loud, it made me think of all my subs.  I love a MR nickname but as it appears i am not the only one.  I wonder what my nickname is… would i even want to know.

This brighten up my day on top of my amazing hot chocolate which was like fairies dancing on my taste buds.



3 thoughts on “We All Love A Nickname

  1. I don’t have a nickname. I never really have since my name is difficult to shorten. I guess for Dommes there are all sorts of appropriate alternatives. 🙂

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    1. Don’t need to shorted your name… I like to pick names by the persons looks or personality. I have one sub that looks a little like Prince Harry so I call him Mr Royal.

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      1. Lol. Ace. I guess things stick, like in the cafe. Almost sad I never had a nickname though. :/

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