Mr Silver Fox

I never write about a submissive until i have completely finished playing with them.  For two reasons, firstly i wouldn’t what to offend them and secondly i wouldn’t want them to know how i do things.

So my short and brief tale of Mr Silver Fox.   I met him on kinkd ( I do use other sites ) and we organised to meet for coffee.  Mr Silver Fox was obviously a silver fox who wore glasses and had tattoos all over his body.  I liked him because he was slightly older and came across as very laid back.  On the afternoon we were suppose to meet he messaged me and said his car had broken down.  I instantly though here we go, i assumed he was nervous or had NO intention on meeting me.  He said he would try and get it fixed and could meet me later.  I wasn’t holding my breath. An hour or so later he messaged me saying his neighbor had managed to fix it and he was still interested in meeting me.

He arrived at the coffee shop slightly late but at least he turned up.  I picked a secluded table near the front of the shop and got an iced coffee.  He sat down opposite me and it was obvious he was nervous, he was shaking like a shitting dog.  I told him to relax and i was shocked as he said he had been a submissive before.  We talked casually to start with and just as we were moving the conversation in the right direction a group of teenage girls came and sat at the table next to us.  Now i’m not shy and will openly talk about my kinks but not in front of  children.  I said shall we move this to the pub.

I always go to the same pub to meet potential dates, vanilla and non-vanilla.  The barman must think i’m a lady of the night.  We continued the conversation and i learnt that Mr Silver Fox loved heels and feet, conveniently i have both.  We arranged for him to come to mine in a weeks time and have a session.

He arrived at mine a lot less nervous than the last time i seen him.  We talked a little and then i sent him upstairs to undress.  I was wearing a PVC skirt (not my favorite but felt it needed some fun) under-bust corset, a very good push up bra and obviously stockings and heels.  I looked like a mistress.


The session was short and sweet, i prefer not to do too much in a first session because i want time to talk it over after.  Our session involved a lot of feet, heels and anal play.  We had discussed it all prior, i added a bit of corporate punishment for my own pleasure.  After we sat down and discussed how he felt and what he did and didn’t enjoy.  Corporal punishment was the only thing he wasn’t keen on but he had said he wanted to try it.  He left pleased and said he couldn’t wait to see me again.  I enjoyed the session.

I messaged him the next day asking if he was ok.  He said he had a few marks on his bottom but otherwise he was good.  I was due to go on holiday and told him to give me a message in a few weeks.

I never heard from Mr Silver Fox and as i now leave the ownership to them, i didn’t see the point in messaging him.

Maybe it was all too much for him or maybe i wasn’t his ideal Mistress, who knows.



10 thoughts on “Mr Silver Fox

  1. Intriguing that he never called you back! There must have been something about the session he really didn’t enjoy. Regardless of what he told you! That’s the only reason why I wouldn’t have called.

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    1. I completely agree there must have been something he didn’t enjoy. Oh well. I still have two subs that enjoy my technique.

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      1. The lack of courage displayed by not telling you is another warning sign.

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  2. I have to agree with Michael…not calling you, even if it were just to explain why he didn’t want to get together again, says something about his character. Bye bye, Mr. Silver Fox!

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    1. I feel there are a lot of men like this these it’s easier to block and delete then it is to face the music. Bye Bye Mr Silver Fox

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  3. Its not necessarily you, some people with access to the internet and all the exciting fun there could be, find that reality isn’t quite like the fantasy they’ve built up in their heads. So behind the keyboard, they’re so full of excitement at the kinky, naughty fun and all those pictures and stories; and then they summon up the courage to meet someone, as you saw. And then they go through with it, possibly because he felt he should or because he felt he couldn’t back down again. And afterwards, he realised that this wasn’t quite like how his fevered imagination painted it, and that it wasn’t really what he was after at all in the first place.

    Maybe he was pleased to have done it, maybe he was pleased to have been naked in front of you. Maybe I know nothing! But these are my impressions of possibilities. Its just not necessarily anything you did right or wrong.

    PS. Corporate punishment? I’ve had that all my working life, but I think its an autocorrect typo in your article!

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    1. Thank you so much for your insight. I think you might have your finger on the pulse there.
      I appreciate you pointing out the autocorrect error. I have just updated it, some times it takes an outsider…


      1. Proof readers can only ever be someone else, happy to help there. It just stood out TBH, corporate punishment – attend yet another meeting about the meeting we’re about to have that was pointless in the first place!

        If I was right, then fair play to him to turning up the 2nd time at all, though it’s still rude of grown adults to not talk to those we have interactions with. The fact he didn’t contact you to say anything suggests it was (as usual) all about him and his desires.

        You just need better quality people to turn into your subs. Where do we apply? 🙂

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      2. Maybe I should incorporate corporate punishment into my sessions ha ha… make them sit in loads of pointless and boring meetings.
        I used to get a friend to proof read but I think she got bored and I bored of waiting to get it back.

        These days it doesn’t shock me that he didn’t bother to get back to me.

        Plenty more willing men out there ready and waiting to submit to a beautiful woman.

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      3. Writing lines is boring, but had an effect on you and the sub, corporate meetings.. oh god no. Way too inconsequential! Office environment kink, that might be a different matter.

        Yes, and a willing man here too. Just waiting, alas.

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