Bum Dilly’s

Today my travels have come to an end. We have spent the last few days in Hong Kong. Like every other destination we have brought ourselves souvenirs but nothing like the ones we brought today.

We spend the afternoon looking for the perfect souvenir something to capture our trip, trawling through markets and shantytown stalls until we stumbled upon a a sign advertising a sex toy shop. Ding ding let’s pop in and have a look. After walking up what felt like a mountain of steps we entered a small shop. The guy behind the counter information us it was the biggest sex toy shop in Hong Kong, it was bloody tiny. Hidden on a shelf near the back were two anal plugs with big pink pom poms. We looked at each other and knew it was our perfect souvenir.

We purchased our little gifts and went on an hours walk to the highest bar in the world where we then couldn’t afford to buy a cocktail because we had used our money on our butt plugs.

On our way to the airport we laughed our heads off how our trip had ended with us buying “bum dilly’s”


5 thoughts on “Bum Dilly’s

  1. Can’t wait for the pic! lol

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      1. Aw they are so cute. You might look like a purple bunny wearing that.

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      2. Not for me to wear… it’s for my little submissives.

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      3. I know by whomever wears them will be bunny-esque!!


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