To Tell or Not To Tell

I’m currently traveling through Vietnam and I meeting some fantastic people from all over the world. I’m not writing this to brag although it is pretty amazing. I want to explain the reactions I’m getting when I’m eventually telling people about my alter ego.

I’m traveling with one of my best friends who knows about my alter life. One afternoon while laid on the beach she asked me for the first time, why? I spend some time explaining it all to her. She doesn’t judge which is probably why we are so close. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by my alter lifestyle, if anything I wish I could embrace it more. I don’t tell everyone I meet about it because it’s not necessary. I choose who I tell but sometimes it gets to a point where I either lie to people or I open up.

During this trip I’ve only had to decide twice so far, once I lied and once I was honest. It’s that bloody dreaded question… “Are you single?” And it’s that shocked reply “Oh really, why?” When I lie I just say I haven’t met the right person yet, it’s easier than saying “ummm I’m happy being single because it means I can dominate men when I want”

We’ve spend the last 4 days with these lovely ladies from Norway, we’ve been drinking, eating and trekking together so it’s inevitable that we were each going to ask about the nitty gritty. I thought I’m not going to lie to these girls as their are so nice, so I explained my current situation. They both reacted exactly same, eyes widened and mouths dropped. They both loved the idea of it. Loved how I was so empowered. They both said it they had the confidence they would do it. I explained they have the confidence they just to apply it.

Since writing this I’ve told a lovely gay couple and one of the guys knew it, he said he could tell there was something else about me. Absolutely amazing couple. So I’ve not received any bad reviews but I do select who I divulge the information to.

Be proud of who you are…

6 thoughts on “To Tell or Not To Tell

  1. It’s brave to tell others but can also cause grief. Taking care with whom you open up to, is only common sense.

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    1. I’m always careful as I’ve told someone I worked with before and they instantly judged me.

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  2. “ummm I’m happy being single because it means I can dominate men when I want” – I love this line. Totally!

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    1. Thank you and it’s completely true.

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    2. ohhhhh

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  3. I guess it’s not much different to any other “non-mainstream” sexual activities. If you said you went dogging, you’d be judged. If you were a swinger, judged, Prostitute, judged. Wife-swapping, judged. everything except possibly going out every Friday night to cop off with a different drunken stranger!

    I’d say having dominatrix tendencies is more accepted than all of the above though, strong women taking control for themselves isn’t anything particularly unusual these days. So whilst you still have to be circumspect about who you tell (hell, you tel someone you voted Brexit these days and you’ll be judged far worse) it’s not nearly as unaccepted as you might think. Good luck spreading the word to other ladies.

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