Plenty More Subs In The Sewers

Have you ever heard the saying “Plenty more rats in the sewers” well i have put my own spin on it.

Dr Sextus is a RAT…

I am not going to say i haven’t enjoyed our brief reunion, but i’m ready to move forward. Dr Sextus has always pushed my boundaries and limits.  He bombards my life, opens a can of worms and then disappears.  This time round has been no different, well apart from the ending.  I have somehow managed to control how our reunion ends.  He hasn’t disappeared this time, I have.

Don’t worry, i haven’t lowered myself to his pettiness. I haven’t blocked him (although i have considered it a few times) I’ve allowed the conversation to come to a natural end. I’ve deleted his number and there will be no more follow ups.

I am hoping that this will be the closing chapter of Dr Sextus. Thus allowing me to open a new and less messed up chapter with a new budding submissive.

FYI i still have two perfectly normal and amazing submissives.

4 thoughts on “Plenty More Subs In The Sewers

  1. We all need to eliminate toxic influences! A good decision by you!

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  2. Yup, if he doesn’t do it for you then there’s no need to pander to his whims. Who’s the submissive here after all!!!

    whilst there’s plenty of give and take in any relationship including Ds ones, both parties need to get satisfaction from it or its not worth continuing. So don’t worry about it further, Hopefully he’ll find someone else but that’s entirely within his power and not for you to worry about.

    Now… on to your future entertainment and enjoyment!

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