Oops He Got Me Again

This will be my first spontaneous post but I need to tell this story…

After I posted my online domination story I sat and thought about Dr Sextus and was wondering what came of him. So I stupidly decided to search high and low for his number. I checked everywhere on my phone. I knew I deleted it but I was wondering whether I’d taken a screenshot or emailed it to myself. I had done neither as I’m not that mental. I eventually got bored and stopped looking.

The next day I thought nothing of it, until I received a message. I didn’t recognise the number but something in the picture was familiar. I looked at it a few times and then I realised it was Dr Sextus. This had to be fate, either that or he is reading my blog. So like a complete fool ( yes, I’m admitting it was stupid ) I replied. I instantly regretted it and deleted his number. What difference was that going to make I’d already failed the first test. I had in my own foolish way submitted to him. He obviously replied and we have been conversing now for 4 days. We agreed to meet and had been planning it for the last few days. But in true Dr Sextus style he has cancelled and asked to rearrange.

I’m now stuck between a rock and a hard place, do I tell him no or hope he won’t let me down again.

Dr Sextus is my guilty mistress pleasure, he punishes me. That is why I can’t seem to let him go.

8 thoughts on “Oops He Got Me Again

  1. Look at his history. He hasn’t changed. Tell him no and move on!!

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    1. I haven’t replied to the offer to reschedule. A mini victory.
      V x

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      1. Sometimes mini victories are all we get!! and they still are sweet!

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  2. Miss let him go.. i think he is about himself only

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  3. Ah yes. Guilty pleasures often come back to haunt us. They are so tempting but always end up biting us in the ass after.

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  4. Plenty more subs available…. few awesome mistresses. Always remember that!

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    1. I’m currently writing my next blog and funny enough the title is very similar to your comment.


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