Online Domination Is Not For Everyone

I’ve only tried to do this once and it was with Dr Sextus. I had absolutely no idea how to do it. I didn’t even know where to start. So… I messaged another submissive Mr Sissy for some pointers. How embarrassing when I look back at it.

Personally online domination is hard and time consuming. I am glad I only tried it for a grand total of 5 days. I learnt a lot but mainly I learnt that I don’t want to do it again.

So how did it start? Well let me tell you. Prior to meeting Dr Sextus face to face, we decided to try online domination. We had discussed it for a few days and just decided that tomorrow we were going to start. Right ok great plan… now what? During this period I talked a lot with Mr Sissy and he would give me advice from a submissive point of view. I messaged him and explained my new role and asked for some advice on how to achieve it. He replied almost instantly with “What are the rules he needs to follow?” Boom, instant panic, RULES, i haven’t thought of any. I was just going to tell him to do things as and when. He explained to me that wasn’t how it worked and I needed to send him a set of specific rules. So I googled it, obviously and was getting all these great ideas. Mr Sissy even sent me an example set he had been given. I spent all night making and adjusting my own set of rules.

My rules

1) You will address me as your Miss/Mistress and treat me with respect at all times.

2) Your sexual gratification belongs to me. Therefore, you will not pleasure yourself without permission.

3) You will remain in contact with me on a daily basis, I expect to be in your thoughts throughout your day.

4) You will be obedient at all times.

5) You will go to bed at a sensible time so you can perform well.

6) You will not engage in any relationships with any other domme.

7) You will shave your pubic hair weekly, I expect to see photos.

8) You will keep a note of your erections and ensure to send me a journal.

9) You will message me every morning with your daily schedule.

10) You will beg to lick or eat your own cum whenever you have a orgasm. Of course this needs to be permitted.

11) When a real time meet is arranged you will ensure that you arrive on time and dressed appropriately.

12) You will understand that your balls are now just organs, they are to be used for punishment only.

13) You are not permitted to think of another women other than me, includes no porn.

14) You will treat all women as you are beneath them. You will practice traditional courtesy at all times with the opposite sex.

15) You will go on your daily schedule with no underwear at least once a week, making your erections harder to conceal.

16)You will sit on the toilet at all times.

17)You will give me your full attention for 30 minutes each day. Times can be discussed daily.

18)You will spend time fucking your arse daily

19)Respect is shown by never failing to forget your lowly role in life. You should always be polite and pleasant.

20)You will complete all tasks and or punishments by 2359 that same day.

21)You will send me a message each night before bed expressing your gratitude for being my slave.

I was extremely proud of my rules but looking back now I can see my errors. I sent them over to Dr Sextus and together we tweaked them slightly.

The next day arrived and as I get up early for work I didn’t expect to rise to a message… I drove my hour commute to work and then went to the gym for an hour, by the time I was showered and changed it was 9 o’clock and Dr Sextus hadn’t sent me his schedule for the day. So I sent him a polite reminder that I was expecting his schedule. No reply. Now we need to remember that Dr Sextus is highly unreliable and self consumed but at this point I was completely unaware. Finally at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon he replied, apologising that he had a manic day and he promised to start it correctly tomorrow. I decided to let him off, we also need to remember I was very soft on Dr Sextus. I was a little annoyed as I’d spent all night researching my rules and he hadn’t even followed one.

Day 1 – I carried out my normal routine, checked my phone at 9 o’clock… No schedule! I did the same thing and politely sent him a message requesting his schedule. This time he replied.  Now that i had his schedule i requested that at 7 o’clock he was to give me 30 minutes of his time but prior to this i wanted erection updates and pictures of his perfectly shaved genitals.  We keep in contact the entire day and he carried out each task perfectly and on time.  It was the first day but i had high hopes of this going well.

Day 2 – Dr Sextus messaged me first thing in the morning with his schedule, once at work he sent me a picture of himself with no underwear and immediately confessed to getting an erection.  This day was going to plan.  We stuck to the same evening timings and again he was prompt with all his tasks.  I was really starting to enjoy myself and i was thinking of some wonderful tasks for him to complete.  Unfortunately the honeymoon period was soon to be over.  Although he did send the most amazing grateful messages before he went to sleep every night.

Day 3 – I was busy on this particular morning and was unable to check my phone until late morning.  He hadn’t sent me any messages so i politely sent him one.  I did not hear from him all day.  When it got to our usual evening arrangement time i waited patiently but still no message, now i was slightly disappointed more so because he hadn’t even replied saying he was busy.  Now i would have completely understood if he was busy, as the first couple of days messaging him had been quite time consuming but i still expected some common courtesy and he wasn’t even following rule #1.  I heard nothing from him that evening.

Day 4 – I finished in the shower to see a apology message from Dr Sextus but unfortunately for him i had worked myself up over night and was not overly impressed.   With all honestly my instant reply was harsh but it felt so good.  I took some time that morning and looked online to aid me in thinking up a suitable punishment. During this period he was fully receiving the silent treatment. I can’t remember exactly where i read it but someone basically said that it takes a good and strong Domme to apologies if they have been too harsh.  So i did just that, i explained how i felt but at the end of the message i gave him a fair and suitable punishment. 200 Lines… like he was back at school.  He produced the lines slightly after midnight but he had messaged prior to explain the situation.  Receiving the lines felt great, i was as giddy as a school girl which was quite fitting.  It would have taken him sometime to write these lines and the entire time i would have been on his mind, that is a huge turn on.


Day 5 – It was the weekend and to be brutally honest although i had loved the first couple of days, he had taken up so much of my time.  People at work had even commented how much i had been on my phone.  I messaged him and explained i had a busy weekend and we would continue on Monday morning.  I lied my weekend wasn’t that busy but i didn’t want to be on my phone the entire weekend.

Monday arrived and i didn’t hear from Dr Sextus and i was secretly happy.  i didn’t send him a polite message i continued to not message him while he continued not to message me.  After a few days he sent me a picture of himself shaved and just in his tie… I played it cool and told him that i wanted him on his knees in front of me instead of this… He agreed.

My online domination days were officially over.  I’ll happily dabble but never will i try full time again.  Dr Sextus taught me so much.

Mistress Victoire X

10 thoughts on “Online Domination Is Not For Everyone

  1. I have always thought that on-line domming was not for me. It just seems silly to me. I need a real life person. If we are in contact physically then on-line commands can make sense. But first we have to have a real relationship. Then other methods of communication can lead to fun.

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    1. This is exactly it. After you’ve done it face to face you can continue to give commands and tasks but solely online is unrealistic and fair to time consuming for my lifestyle.

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  2. Miss it would be better to make him spend lots of time on you, you should only spend limited time and time you can afford on him. i spent 3 years in an online relationship, it was constant for me, yet i only spoke to my Mistress a few times every week. Your sub also seemed to obey your rules when it suited him, may i mention they were great rules.

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    1. Thank you, I did think they were good rules. He is a very when it suits him kinda guy unfortunately.
      V x

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  3. I’ve played online a little – it can be fun, but it doesn’t replace real life stuff. The best thing, as you’ve found, is in keeping attention from the sub, keeping him aware of you and even though this doesn’t need to be time-consuming for you (set some task to be performed and leave him to it) which I think you also found out at the end., along with the demand for punishment – which I reckon he loved as it is all part of the control-at-a-distance that online is all about.

    Fair play to you for doing it, don;’t say never again, but use your new knowledge of it to enhance all your relationships!

    And next time, make sure if you’re doing this you and the sub know whether its a part-time “when you feel like it” or a full time thing, and if the latter – accept no excuses or feeble efforts!

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    1. Thank you so much for the advice and yes true maybe I shouldn’t say never but currently it’s a never 😬.
      V x


  4. I find the online role very time consuming and it also gets quite boring quite fast. It also requires absolute dedication from both sides. Most people’s lives just don’t allow for it. I am quite tactile. I like the hands on approach so online feels quite sterile to me although I have tried it to a lesser degree and found it quite fun. This was an interesting read. Thank you. I loved the bit about the lines. I must remember that one, just in case.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to have a read. Oh yes the lines are my favourite part. I haven’t done it in a while but it’s always a good way to waste some of their time.

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      1. It brought a smile to my face. 🙂

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  5. I agree to your rules all of it , i like to be your slave haw??

    Skype : live:xpsergio_1


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