Mr Average

Let me introduce…

Let me start by saying there was almost absolutely nothing average about this guy apart from his manners. He was and is currently my youngest submissive at 25 years old. He was an educated, well-spoken and attractive guy. We meet on kinkd and he managed to draw my attention with a polite message.  This sort of message is few and far between so I felt he deserved a reply.  He was very forward from the beginning and we organised to meet for dinner. I was slightly apprehensive as I felt he was slightly younger than I would have liked but I gave him a chance. Initial conversations were minimal, we spoke a little beforehand although not in great detail. The one thing that was mentioned far too often was that he already had a 20 year old Domme. I’ll leave my feelings on that subject for a whole separate blog. 

We met for dinner half way between where we both lived. It was actually an interesting experience as we, at least to the public eye, were a guy and a girl potentially on a first date and I guess in a weird way it was albeit if they had come closer and heard the conversation it was not necessarily that of couple on a first date. Do not think that we sat there for two hours and talked only about kink but it was definitely a large chunk of the conversation.  Next time you are out for dinner take a look around you, things might not be exactly as they appear.   Anyway I digress.  As the night drew to a close we both agreed that we should take things further and would arrange to meet for a session.

During the following weeks, we spoke almost every day and we got to know each other pretty well. During this period he continued to have sessions with his other Domme and I continued to have sessions with my other subs. We decided on a date for our session and we each detailed at length what we both desired from the session. These details include things such as toys, toy sizes, orgasms, commands to be used, how we would address each other and prior preparations. I have learnt in my short period of being a Mistress that prior preparation is key not only because it can be the difference between shit all over the bed or not but it also allows the submissive get into the correct mind-set for how the session is likely to flow.  A number of experienced subs expressed to me that although the unknown can be a fun and exciting experience, it doesn’t always feel great once the session is over, many felt that the aftercare is easier to manage if they have heads up before the session. I have taken a fair amount of advice and use it in my approach to dominating.  Throughout the time we were talking there were a number of times when I considered not going ahead with the meet as he was continuously comparing me to his other Domme. Any Mistress will tell you that she doesn’t appreciate being compared to another Mistress; understandably we each have our own personal styles. I know now that I was letting his comparisons dictate my approach and style.

Mr Average had enlightened me early on that his fetish was leather. I hadn’t yet dabbled in leather so I did what I could and agreed that I would endeavour to fulfill this need in future.  Leather fetish wear is not cheap and I strongly believe that when it comes to BDSM clothing and sexual paraphernalia money has to be spend to get good products.  I am still building and improving on my collection and a tailored leather corset is now on order.  I decided on a latex outfit as it’s my personal favourite but added a set of day to day leather gloves, to keep the leather fetish alive.  I ensured my make-up was done to perfection and finally I covered up in my Burberry rain coat to collect him from the station.  I didn’t feel any nerves this time round, it were as if I was meeting a friend.  I felt completely confident, comfortable and at ease. In my head I knew exactly how this night was going to go because I had planned it over and over.  I learnt a valuable lesson that evening, it doesn’t always go to plan.  I love things done in a specific order or sequence and if that is rearranged I can lose my focus and inevitably my composure.  This night did not go to plan.

I started the evening completely wrong.  Collecting him from the station had somehow thrown me off.  As part of the planning process we had agreed to sit down and talk first before him being sent upstairs.  When we arrived at mine I missed that step.  As we had been talking in the car I assumed we were both happy to commence the evening’s activities.  Mr Average took himself upstairs to prepare and I got myself in character.  Once he was ready I made my way upstairs I was ready, I felt amazing, I looked amazing and I knew my plan.  Mistress Victoire was ready to tie, tease and tickle.  Wait, stop he wants to sit and talk.  This completely threw me, I pointed to the bed and we talked for a while until he was comfortable.  Annoyingly I could have brought it all back if I had just decided to do the talking down stairs.  You may be wondering what the issue is and why I felt so thrown of track.  I had fully composed myself downstairs and I was completely in character when I stepped into that room but because I didn’t leave the room to reset if you will I found it hard to bring my character back.  I got on well with Mr Average I felt comfortable with him which is great if you are about to have vanilla sex but I needed that moment to myself to focus on the fact this is my submissive and he should be completely submitting himself to me.  I had changed the dynamic of the session.

As previously stated I will not divulge what happens behind closed doors but although the session was completely different to how I had planned it, it was still a success. No one was injured and no safe word was used always a bonus in my eyes. One of the things I enjoy the most with a submissive is Chasity. If you haven’t tried it, you really should.  Having your sub hand you the key is euphoria, strong word you may say but until you have tried it you will never completely understand the feeling. I had Mr Average lock himself up prior to arriving at mine so when he did hand over that little key I was in complete Mistress Heaven.  I now know that everything is completely controlled by me. To put a Chasity device on someone is highly challenging but so is removing it. I’ve never removed one in play before because my subs usually leave with it still securely fitted until the next session. We had agreed to remove it before bed as the device was not comfortable enough to sleep in and he needed to purchase one that was better fitting. I changed my mind during the session to remove the device, which would have been great, if I had asked prior to starting how to actually do it. I had to stop and untie him so that I didn’t break him or it. This took me out of character again, twice in one night. It’s officially not my night.  


The sessions were over and although it hadn’t at all gone to plan I have learnt a lot and felt that I would walk away from the experience with greater knowledge and through knowledge comes power. I dropped Mr Average of at the station and went home to carry out my own personal aftercare which is normally coffee and reflection.This time something didn’t sit right. I had a feeling in my stomach about Mr Average. I got home and tried to relax. I wrote down a few notes on things I wanted to improve and purchase for our next session. After a few hours I did what I always do as part of my aftercare when the sub is not with me, I messaged him to ensure he was ok. During the time it took him to reply I debated whether I should have another session with him as my feelings towards him were different to any other submissive. No I didn’t love him or think I wanted more but I did see him as a friend. I must have written out a hundred messages about potentially not having anymore sessions and just becoming friends. I then told myself that throughout my life my friends have taught me the most valuable lessons and maybe I was being too hard on myself and him. We cannot be perfect all the time. After a long while I received a reply from him and it was a blow to the system. He stated that his other Domme did not want him to have sessions with me no longer and he was sorry. Now this message would have been hard to take if the session had gone according to plan but receiving a message of that kind when it hadn’t well it put my mind into over drive.  I initially tried to speak to him on the phone to get further clarity but he did not answer. I automatically assumed that if had nothing to do with his other Domme and that it was to do with my personal performance.  I am aware now I took it to heart more than I should have. The thing is although I am confident in myself and my ability to be a Mistress I am also a human and behold my own insecurities.

The lesson for me here was to not become too comfortable with my new submissives. Don’t take that as me saying I won’t ever become friends with them or care for them but I will take more time in selecting my future submissives.  I will always keep myself a safe arms distance because it’s clear my performance is slightly hindered if I do not take that approach.

I requested that we remain friends and he did provide me with some helpful feedback.  A lot of the reason I started this blog was because of Mr Average.  I wanted to share that it’s not an easy thing picking a sub, just like normal relationships we have to kiss many toads until we find our Prince Charming.  I wanted to wait a short period of time before publishing this story as I didn’t want it come across as resentful in any way as I’m truly not I’m thankful for every lesson I have learnt.

Not all my stories have disappointing endings.  I have two very loyal subs who aid me in my growth as a Mistress.

Good luck finding your submissive Prince Charming…


2 thoughts on “Mr Average

  1. It’s cool that you like chastity!

    I feel Mr Average lied to you from the start. I don’t think he ever wanted to see you on a recurring basis. He had his other Domme. He just wanted to play with you once. Another notch in his belt. I may be wrong (it happens often) but I wouldn’t be too upset with his dismissal of you. Take the lessons learned and move on.

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    1. It’s strange that you say that because I feel like that might be the case. He just wants to get as many notches as possible. Thank you for saying what I was thinking. I learnt a lot from the experience with Mr Average. I feel young submissives play games.
      MV x

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