My First Exposure

My first exposure to the BDSM community was in November 2014.  I attended the Torture Gardens Halloween Ball… What an experience it was.  I knew then that I was really to take a large leap into the fetish scene but wow what an initial shock to the system.

It was by far an amazing shock… I was suited and booted, ok maybe not but I was squeezed beautifully into latex and had my favourite red stilettos on.  Cinderella was ready for the Halloween Ball.  My first lesson was latex gets cold very quickly and standing outside in a queue the size of Wimbledon I was freezing instantly.  Lesson one take a bloody jacket in November.  Lesson two what is underneath peoples coats will shock and amaze you when you walk inside, pick jaw up of the ground.  It was a latex and leather lover’s wet dream inside.  So much sexual paraphernalia.


My first encounter was with a gentlemen in his early 40’s with greying hair wearing a pair of leather trousers and chest harness.  He introduced himself as a gentlemen who has a desire for feet and casually asked me if he could worship my beautiful feet.  My nerves got the better of me and I politely declined.  We continued to have a fantastic conversation.  He was very well educated and was absolutely fascinating to listen to.  I would have spoken to him all night if curiously hadn’t got the better of me.  I said my goodbyes and walked off with a spring in my step as he had made me feel incredible.  At that moment then I knew I wanted to be worshiped at every possible opportunity.

I was truly amazed by the people around me, the crowd was so diverse so many different ages, cultures, sizes, and sexual orientation.  The amount of effort some people had put into their fetish get up made my black and red latex matching skirt and top look basic in comparison.  Although there was a guy in just a top hat and doc martin boots I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

There are a few key moments or situations which have completely ingrained themselves in my brain.  The first happened in the medical play room.  We had gone in there for a bit of a nosy, there were only a few people in the room but the attention was all on a middle aged gentlemen who was having the time of his life with three young ladies.  I don’t think he had any choice in the matter but he seemed to be enjoying whatever was taking place between his legs.  Although an interesting part of the night it wasn’t the part I remember the most, it was when I tall gentlemen in leather trousers asked me if he could borrow my riding crop.  As part of my outfit I had decided to accessories with a black sparkly handled riding crop.  To be honest I had actually forgotten I was carry it.  I processed to pass him my crop during this time his gorgeous play partner had mounted one of the spare medical beds.  She casually opened her legs and he began smacking the crop on her vagina.  After a couple of minutes she closed her legs hopped of the bed and he returned my crop.  I stood there a little unsure what to do.

As we were at a fetish party we felt it only polite to visit the play room, we had no intention in playing but again we wanted to get a real sense of what happens at these parties.  We waited in a small queue until it was our turn to go through the door.  As we went to walk through the guy on the door ‘The Play Room BOUNCER’ stopped us, he pulled us to one side and said and I remember the words exactly “I don’t have problems with threesomes but I’ve had problems with them in the past, you go in together, you leave together… GOT IT” we all nodded as we were all a little bemused to what had just happened but it wasn’t over.  Through that do was a small roped loop to another door where there was another guy who also stopped us.  Looking back on what this guy did is actually quite odd.  He first stated “Oh a threesome” then pointed at me and then my female friend and said “kiss” so we did as we were told and once he was happy he pointed at my male friend and pointed at me and said it again, as before we did as we were told he finally must have come to the concussion we were a threesome and let us through.  I think my experience getting into the play room was just as interesting and as awkward as to that inside.  I stumbled upon a homosexual orgy and it lead me to ask myself did they all have to kiss at the door…

The last but not least memorial moment of the evening took place in the bondage room.  There was a set of old fashioned stocks placed nicely at the back of the room.  I decided it would be a laugh if I put myself in them and my friend hit me with my crop.  Now I’m not very submissive but I can fool around.  We were all having a giggle until a very glamorously tall transvestite came over and stated that my friend wasn’t doing it correctly and should they take over.  Now I’m at their mercy and I’m actually feeling a little nervous.  The first smack with the flogger is ok it tingles but I can handle it, the second is a bit harder and I nervously giggle the last smack sends shivers all over my body I can feel them now writing about it.  They walk round to face me and laughs and says “too much for you hunny” I smile but at that moment I want to be taken out the stocks so I can caress my peachy ass.


What an amazing evening and it was the perfect start to this wield and wonderful journey.

3 thoughts on “My First Exposure

  1. I’m now not positive the place you’re getting your info, however great topic. I must spend a while learning more or understanding more. Thank you for great info I was on the lookout for this info for my mission.

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    1. You are unsure where I’m getting my info?

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  2. Sounds like a fabulous evening. I’ve heard about that event. I wish it was on this side of the pond!!


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